Kis-My-Ft2-Sha la la Summertime
Samuel Waermo and Stefan Ekstedt wrote the A-side ” Sha la la Summeretime” for the Japanese popstars Kis-My-Ft2. The single sold 147000 units first day.
V6 – Sky’s the limit. Samuel Waermo wrote the song, Sky’s the limit, that sold over 100 000 units first week and went straight to no:1 at the Japanese single chart.
Tvxq (Tohoshinki) released the song ”Easy mind” at their album ”TONE”. Samuel Waermo cowrote the song together with the successful Japanese writing duo ”Youthcase”. The album went straight to no:1 at the Japanese albumchart, and sold over 250 000 copies.
Samuel cowrote the single ”She’s so” for the German popidol winner Tobias Regner.
The song ”Dream my dream” was written by Samuel Waermo and the Japanese songwriter pioneer Shusui. The song was released by the famous Japanese singer Misia, at her album ”New morning”.
Vicky Nolan
Clay aiken released the song ”lonely no more” written by Samuel Waermo, Mimmi Waermo & Andreas Carlsson in his album ”Thousand different ways”. The album reached no:2 at the Billboard top 100.
Boa Quincy
The song ”Quincy” ( crazy crazy love) cowritten by Samuel Waermo, became a huge hit in Japan by the Korean popstar BoA.


Arashi-To be free


Exile Atushi


Martin Rolinski


Samuel Waermo was involved in the production of 6 songs at Bon Jovis album Bounce. The record have sold about 5 000 000 copies.


The song ” To Be Free” written by Samuel Waermo was in the Million selling album of the Japanese superstars Arashi.


Connect & go, cowritten by Samuel Waermo went straight up to no:1 at the Oricon single chart in Japan.


Stefan Ekstedt and Samuel Waermo wrote the song ”Congratulations” for the Japanese boy band Sexy zone for their second album. The album went gold and sold about 160 000 units first week.
John Farnham The last time


Samuel cowrote the songs ”Everybody go” & ”Girl is mine” at the Kiss my ft2 album ”Kiss-my-1st”. The album sold about 350 000 units.
Noa Neal
Hawksley Workman



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